Aridor Assets (1995) Ltd

Communications & Internet

Aridor Assets (1995) Ltd. Has, since 2004,  a special license for providing telecommunications services Numbered 5-12462-0-96456 Ministry of Communications.

Since 2004, the company provides Internet access and a range of communication solutions to business customers, offices, companies and other commercial entities in Israel under the brand icomm through a subsidiary Aridor Communications Inc

The company offers its customers a wide range of communications solutions and custom web custom needs, without compromising the high level of service and maximum availability.

In addition to Internet services for businesses and companies, the company carries out various projects to large business customers, such as the establishment of dedicated server farm level demand Turn Key Project includes maintenance and technical service providing ongoing.

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Software & Apps Developement

Characterization, development, management and implementation of management software and application for customers according to demand and in accordance with the needs of the organization.

Real Estate brokerage

In recent years, growing demand for local and foreign investors for investment properties in Israel.

Aridor assets is in regular contact with investors and entrepreneurs in Israel and abroad who wish to invest in different types of real estate, rental properties in fixed income, land improvement and other assets.

Aridor Assets is in regular contact with construction companies and maintenance in the country, and works closely with government officials brokerage and real estate market in the country to find its customers the most interesting asset for them.

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